rock ores is a mod that changes the generation of mineral resources in Minecraft, which now, instead of finding regular blocks of mineral resources, will be responsible for generating clusters of mineral resources that will only appear in the Bedrock area. It will therefore also be more difficult and tedious to find mineral resources.

Its operation is similar to the current one, except that by trying to mine one of these new mineral blocks, we will obtain its minerals without breaking the mineral block, because once the resource is exhausted, the block will become Bedrock.

To make it a bit easier to mine the mineral resources that will now appear in the Bedrock layer, the mod adds a mineral resource mining machine, called Bedrock Miner, which will mine resources from a 5x3x5 area below the machine. The extracted minerals will come out of the upper part of the machine, so we will have to place a chest to store them, otherwise the machine will not work.

This machine requires Coal, Redstone Flux, or Forged Energy to operate. Fuel should enter the machine from one side.