RemoveHUDbutNotHand It gives us the functionality to hide the whole HUD of Minecraft, so that the only thing left on the screen is the character’s hand or any object the character is holding. This will allow us to play more realistically, without seeing inventory boxes and other information superimposed on the screen.

As you know by default we can use the “F1” key to hide the HUD as well as the character’s hand, although this feature is designed to take pictures in the game, since it cannot be played without seeing the hand of our character.

This mod is placed in the middle, allowing us to remove superficial elements from the screen, but keeping the character’s hand and any object we use. Also, this feature is not permanent, so we can enable or disable it by pressing the “F8” key. It also adds a configuration menu that allows us to individually define which element we want to remove or not among all the elements that make up the HUD.