Reforged It offers us the possibility of developing new variants of weapons, some of them based on an old mod called Weapon Mod, although in reality it adds many other types of weapons that we can classify into three groups, that define the era of each of these weapons.

The three weapon groups or ages the mod adds are Primitive, Medieval, and Firearms. Estas tres edades, al igual que ocurriría en la realidad, determinan en poder y daño que causa cada arma, siendo las primitivas las más económica y menos poderosas, las medievales un término medio y las armas de fuego las más poderosas y también más caras de manufacture.

Here are some examples of the new weapons that we will find when installing the mod, a blowpipe, a javelin, a hive nest, a boomerang, a tomahawk, a saber, a katana, a mallet, a knife, a dagger, a crossbow, dynamite, a musket and a few other weapons.

This mod is in beta development phase, so it may still contain errors, bugs or not have all of its functional content. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.