Refined storage is a mod that offers us a really powerful storage system, designed primarily for games where a large number of chests are accumulated or will be accumulated. The objective of the mod is to allow us to save time in the management of chests, as well as to gain comfort, by centralizing all the management of our storage system and allowing us to move the contents quickly and in a single movement .

The mod allows us to centralize the management of all the chests in a single point, to be able to search, add and extract elements from a centralized point, as well as to use an internal search engine to find everything we are looking for.

Another of the interesting functions of this mod is that it allows us to use a floppy disk to store a backup copy of all the contents of our storage system. These allow us to transport everything we have stored in the system, in a single trip and on a single floppy disk. If we insert this diskette into another system, we will restore all the contents to another location.