Refined storage It offers us a way to centralize all the inventory of the chests we have in one place, saving us a lot of space and giving us a quick and easy way, both to store objects and to manage the inventory of all the chests we have when we leave.

This mod is not designed for games where there are few chests, although it can also be used, but it is designed for advanced games, where dozens or hundreds of chests full of items are accumulated . With this mod we will be able to open a single interface that will give access to all the chests and we will be able to search for anything with an internal search engine.

As if that were not useful enough, we can also make a “backup” of our storage system or vaults, saving all the objects on a floppy disk that we can insert into another storage system to transfer all the content of our coffers in a single walk. Although there are more interesting options that you can discover for yourself.