Redstone Plus Plus is a mod that focuses, as you can see from its title, on adding mods and new features to Redstone systems. There are several features that these new blocks could give us, but to name just one example, as we can see in the image below, we will be able to create automated object manufacturing systems.

The mod adds new items and building blocks that aim to expand the functionality and applications that the in-game preset energy system can offer. Some examples of these new blocks are the Half Slime Block, a half stone slab and half Slime block, which allows it to be pushed by a piston and stick to another block, and the Half Redstone Block, a half block of redstone and half slime stone, which can be pushed by a piston and emit a redstone signal.

But not only does it add new items, it also changes the behavior of items such as crafting tables, which can now be connected to hoppers and droppers, dispensers, which can plant seeds and bushes, filling and emptying cauldrons with buckets and bottles, feeding animals, among other things, and oven minecarts, which can now climb steep hills and fire multiple minecarts. Also the marine lanterns can receive a Redstone signal to emit their light, or not, when you want.