RailCraft It offers us new features, blocks and objects to improve our railway systems in Minecraft. The mod allows us to create decorative elements, traffic lights and level crossings to create new complex railway systems.

But we will also be able to create and use new types of tracks, which will allow, among other things, to cross tracks, to further increase the speed of the wagons, as well as their acceleration. Although what will perhaps provide us with the most facilities when creating railway systems are the rails which allow the wagons to be lifted vertically.

All this without neglecting one of the main and most characteristic objects of this mod, the tunnel boring machine. A machine that works automatically by creating tunnels to cross mountains. To make it work we will only have to place coal in your inventory.

This mod is in beta update phase, so it may still contain errors, bugs or not have all of its features active. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.