Quick quick access bar is a mod that will allow us to have, in a visible and usable way, all the inventory of our character, where the quick access bar currently is. In other words, if now we could only place nine objects on the quick access bar, now we will have all the inventory directly.

This improves the comfort when using anything from the inventory, since we no longer need to open the inventory, press the “E” key, select the objects that we will use , place them in the quick access bar and then use them. It will be enough to press the “Ctrl” key and rotate the mouse wheel to select any object in the inventory, without having to enter the inventory itself.

This is the main feature of this mod, although it has other features and customization options. We can access the configuration menu by pressing “Ctrl + M”. Then a menu will appear with a good number of customization options, to adapt the functions of the mod to our needs.