Quick quick access bar This allows us to use all of our character’s inventory, instead of relying on the item shortcut bar, which is always visible at the bottom of our game screen and allows us to use items or place items. objects in the world.

As you may know, we currently have a shortcut bar where we have space for nine slots, and to use an item we must first have it in this shortcut bar. This mod allows us to use any object in the inventory without having to place it first in the quick access bar.

With this mod installed, instead of having only nine boxes, we will have access to the entire inventory, although instead of using the “E” key, we will have to use “Ctrl”. Next we will use the mouse wheel to navigate through the entire inventory.

The mod also adds a customization menu with various features, if we want to change something we will have to access the menu by pressing “Ctrl + M”.