quarks It offers us a large amount of content to the game, of various themes, the objective of which is to improve certain aspects of the game, to add new decorative blocks and to improve the functioning of some of the elements of the game. therefore a “random” content mod.

Let’s put some example functions of this mod. Podremos disparar con el arco desde encima de nuestro caballo sin dañar al caballo, colorear las alas Élitros, crear y utilizar de esscaleras de all los blocs, así como decorative blocs and pilares, bajar el escudo para no molestar a la visión del jugador, y many more things.

In addition to those previously mentioned, if there is something that differentiates this mod from other similar ones, it is undoubtedly its Emotes, which will allow us to perform certain movements and animations that our Minecraft character does. With these emotes we can do things such as: point at objects, nod, say no or say hello, among other things.