ProjectE is a mod that will appeal to many who have enjoyed Minecraft mods for years. Its purpose is to bring the characteristic objects of the first versions of the Equivalent Exchange mod to the current versions of Minecraft. Back when the mod had the mythical “Philosopher’s Stone” and the “Moebius Fuel”, the “Transmutation Table” and the “Anti-Matter”.

Over time, Equivalent Exchange 2 evolved into the current version 3 of the mod. This evolution resulted in the removal of these early items and features, present in early versions, which annoyed many people who enjoyed this mod. Since subsequent versions have completely changed the mod.

Well, now you can enjoy it again in this version of Minecraft. Although not all items that existed in the past are available yet, several people are working to make it possible. You will also see that the textures have been renewed, as well as the interfaces of the objects.