pray shrubs is a mod that, as the name suggests, is responsible for adding mineral bushes to the game. These bushes can be found in the depths of the basement of the game’s preset dimension, however, they can also be found in the depths of the Nether and atop the End dimension.

The operation is similar to that of any other bush in the game. That is, we can plant their seeds in the ground and wait for them to ripen. Once the crop has matured, one can pull mineral nuggets from the bush in question. If we plant an iron ore bush, we will get iron nuggets which, collecting them on a crafting table, will give us an iron ingot.

In addition to bushes, this mod also generates a few new structures. One of them is in the villages, and it is the shrub house. The other structure, called Forgotten Shrine, can be found randomly around the world.