potion bear is a mod that will allow us to create static bears that will provide potion effects to the player who activates them. Sixteen variations of bears can be crafted, each with a specific potion effect.

The operation is simple, depending on the type of wool we use in the process of making one of these bears, we will obtain a bear with a potion or other effect. In other words, what marks the bear we get and the potion effect we get is the color of the wool we use in the crafting process.

Once our bear is done, we still need to activate it. To activate a potion bear we will have to place a diamond in our hand and press the right mouse button on the bear. After that, the bear will activate and give us the effects of the potion. To tell if a bear is activated, just look at its eyes. If they shine and have the color of the diamond, it is activated.