Possesses is a mod that allows us to craft only one item at the moment, a hat called “Possessive Hat”. This hat will allow us to possess the body of any Minecraft monster, adopting its appearance and managing its body, as if it were our own.

At the moment, possessing any creature in the game, we can only move as if we were that creature, but we will not have its abilities, that is, if we have a Creeper , we will not be able to explode, but if we have a bat we can fly and if we have an Enderman we can use its functions to teleport us all over the world.

To own a creature, just press “Shift + right mouse click” while pointing at it with the mouse. Although we have a creature, the enemies will continue to detect that we are “human” and will attack us. When the creature we possess dies, we will appear with the life we ​​had before possessing the creature.