Portable backpacks This allows us to create backpacks of different colors, which, once equipped by our character, will be seen on his back. Backpacks can be dyed using the base dyes in the game, so we can create sixteen colors of backpacks.

These backpacks will allow us to increase the capacity of our character and can be shared with other players, as long as we turn our backs on them. If we want to use one of these backpacks we will have to put it in the box on the character’s chest, so if we want a backpack we will lose the ability to defend against attacks, because, although While the Backpack offers some defense, it will only have one defense similar to the Leather Chest.

Crafting it is as simple as placing a block of wool in the center of the crafting table. On the block of wool we will place a block of gold and the rest with leather. The backpacks that this mod offers us cannot be destroyed, neither by lava, nor by explosions, nor by other players. Thus the contents of the backpacks are insured, even when our character dies.