Portable backpacks is a mod that recovers the backpack functions of a mod, now deprecated, called BetterStorage Mod. The backpacks that this mod adds will allow us to expand our carrying capacity, while these backpacks will be displayed on the back of our character. These backpacks can be dyed by mixing any color in the game.

These backpacks are placed in the trunk box, and their protection is the same as that of a leather trunk, so you have to choose between protection and storage capacity. Another feature of these backpacks is that they cannot be destroyed by explosions, lava, or other players. When dying, the backpack will remain on the ground, so if we go to the place where we died, we can recover the backpack and its contents.

Our friends will be able to put and take things in the backpack as long as we turn our back to them, otherwise they can’t open the backpack. The recipe for these backpacks is as simple as placing a block of white wool in the center of the crafting table, on top of it a block of gold and the rest of leather.