pokecube is responsible for transforming the Minecraft universe into a Pokémon universe, adding over 600 wild Pokémon to the game, 100 more than in its previous version. As in the famous Pokémon series, in this mod we will also find hostile and peaceful Pokémon, although in both cases they can be captured by us, using the Pokeballs.

After capturing a Pokémon with a Pokeball, we can tame and train it, increasing its levels, becoming more and more powerful. A tamed Pokémon will help us in our fights, whether against other Pokémon or against any other type of creature.

By using Pokémon in our battles, they will gain levels and can improve their health, defense, attack and other parameters. In fact, the only way to improve our Pokémons is in battles. It will therefore be a question of training in the art of combat.