O’Plenty Biomes is a mod that aims to significantly increase the number of existing biomes in the game, and it certainly succeeds, as it adds more than 72 new types of biomes to Minecraft where we can discover spectacular new places, resources and scenery.

To create a world where all these new biomes can appear, it will not be enough to install the mod. We will have to create a new type of world by accessing the worlds menu of the game. We will enter the “More world options” section and click on the “Type of world” button until “Biomes O’ Plenty ” appears, in which case we can create the world and enjoy the new biomes.

If that seems like little to us, we can also access a spectacular new dimension called “The Promised Land”, to access it we must create an object called “Antique Staff”, place it in your hand, right click n’ anywhere and immediately look high in the sky. We will find something special there that will allow us to access the new dimension.