Old Atlas is a mod that will allow us to create a book that will work as a world map. This book and the map it provides will look a lot like the map from the Zelda series. Although this map will not only show us the orography of the world, but it will also offer us options to mark points of interest, and give them a name, or zoom with the mouse wheel, among other functions.

On the other hand, this map will allow us to forget about having to create a map every two times three, as happens with the predefined maps in the game, otherwise the map that this mod adds will always show us the current area of the map where we are, so it will be enough to make the map once.

We can navigate the map using the mouse, dragging and dropping an area of ​​the map or using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Also, if we use a mod that adds new biomes to the game, they will also appear on this map. This card will also work in the Nether dimension and the End dimension.