mystical world is a mod that aims to improve various aspects of the game, although it is in an early development version and still has little content. Specifically, so far the mod only adds four new creatures to the game, namely frogs, beetles, deer, and foxes. Let’s see where they are and what these creatures look like.

We will find the foxes in the plains and in the winter zones and from them we will be able to extract leather. We will find the beetles in forests, plains, swamps and jungles, their ability is to throw mud balls. Frogs are found in swamps and jungles, they spend the day jumping and throwing slime balls. Finally, deer are generated anywhere and we can get meat and leather from them.

In future versions of the mod, its creator plans to add various new contents, such as apothecaries where you can craft medicinal potions and potion boosters. Also add new magic crops and plants, as well as new creatures.

This mod is in beta development, so it may still contain errors, bugs, or not have all creatures and features active. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.