Mowzie’s Crowds is a mod responsible for adding new hostile creatures to the game. Currently, the mod adds a total of five creatures, one more than the previous version of the mod, which is Frostmaw. These hostile creatures have custom AI (Artificial Intelligence), so each of them has a unique behavior, as well as specific abilities. Each of these beings will appear in a specific biome.

As we said, in this new version a new large creature has been added, the Frostmaw, which we will find in the snowy biomes. In addition, we will also find four other creatures, which are, Barakoa, which appears in the Savana biome, Ferrous Wroughtnaut, which appears in a dungeon generated by the mod, Foliaath, a carnivorous plant that we will find in the jungle, and Barako the solar chief, who will sit on his throne, inside the village of Barakoa, in the Savana biome.