Mowzie’s Crowds adds new fantastic creatures to the game. At this time, the mod adds four new creatures, one more than in its previous version. All of these creatures have custom AI (Artificial Intelligence), they have their own abilities and behaviors, and each of them is in a specific biome or a specific area of ​​the world.

The creatures are: Foliaath, Ferrous Wroughtnaut, Barakoa and Barako the Sun Chief. Foliaath will appear in the jungle, as it is a carnivorous plant. Ferrous Wroughtnaut is a great knight who will be found in a new dungeon generated by the mod. The Barakoa will be found in the Savana biome. While Barako the Solar Chief, the leader of the Barakoa, we will find him sitting on the throne of the village of Barakoa, also located in the Savana biome.