more swords is a mod that focuses on offering a new assortment of powerful swords, which we can also enchant with new enchantments, which will make the abilities of these new swords more powerful and spectacular.

We will have at our disposal a total of 10 new swords that we can craft, some of them with similar or slightly higher power than a diamond sword, except in the case of the “Arche Adminium”, a sword that suppresses 49,999.5 hearts from our opponent. Obviously, the power of this sword is so great that its author made it so that its manufacture requires a bedrock, a command block and end portal blocks, to make it impossible to manufacture in survival mode.

In addition, the mod adds a total of 20 new enchantments that we can use to enchant swords, making these swords not only powerful, but also magical and equipped with special abilities and useful for combat.