More Player Models It is a mod that offers us three great features. The first is a full body customization interface for our character. The second is that it allows us to become new types of creatures, realizing, in addition to their appearance, their special abilities. Finally, the mod allows us to make new animations with our character.

To access the character selection menu and modify the different parts of his body, we will have to use the “F12” key. In this menu we can change the character and modify the body parts. While animations will be activated using commands. Let’s see them.

As for the animations, the mod will allow us to use a total of ten animations which, through the use of commands, will make our character move in a certain way or perform a certain action, such as waving, dancing, sit, sleep, etc. The commands are /sit, /sleep, /dance, /angry, /crawl, /hug, /wag, /bow, /wave, and /cry.