More ovens is a mod that will allow us to create variants of ovens, using predefined materials in the game, much more efficient and faster than the default oven in Minecraft. We can create furnaces with Netherrack, Obsidian, Diamond, Iron, and Gold. Let’s see what each of them offers us.

Iron Furnace allows you to burn/cook 10 things with one coal unit. Gold is twice as efficient, cooking 20 units per charcoal. Diamond is twice as efficient as gold, allowing you to cook 40 items for a single unit of coal. From there, we go to another level.

The Obsidian Furnace allows you to bake/burn two items at once. Although the Netherrack Furnace simply doesn’t need coal to operate, lighting it with a lighter, being Netherrack, will cause it to burn indefinitely, requiring no fuel.