Mini Charcoal It’s a small mod, but no less interesting for that. The mod adds two new items to the game, Mini Coal and Mini Coal. These objects will allow us to burn/cook one object, while a unit of normal or vegetable charcoal will allow us to burn/cook eight units.

This makes the use of charcoal inefficient i.e. the more we burn/cook the more charcoal we waste. Many times we put several units of coal to burn/cook a few items, wasting units of coal. This mod seeks to improve efficiency by creating individual coal units, which will allow us to use one coal unit to burn/cook a single item.

So, with this mod installed, if we put one unit of normal coal or charcoal on a crafting table, we will get eight units of mini charcoal or mini charcoal. Each unit will allow us to burn/cook an object, in order to efficiently manage the coal we have.