Minecraft flight simulator offers us a flight simulator, in Minecraft version, which will allow us to both build and fly around the world on planes with wooden structures. These planes are affected by the laws of physics, as well as certain concepts of aerodynamics.

The first step in building an airplane is to make the wooden structure of the airplane. When we have built the structure, we must place it on the ground to continue adding the parts and materials necessary for the proper functioning of our plane. To do this we will press “Shift + right click” in the cabin of the aircraft, and we will access an interface that shows us an exploded view of the aircraft, with boxes where we will have to place various parts, such as wheels, pilot and co-pilot seats, engine, propellers, fuels, flaps, etc.

Once our plane is built and prepared, we will only have to take flight, so take a look at the predefined commands to steer the plane:

As we can see, the driving of the plane is controlled only with the keyboard, so we can use the mouse to change views and admire the areas we are flying over.