MineColonies It offers us a complete system to create cities, with citizens made up of active NPCs, with a human aspect. With this mod installed we will be able to create various blocks that will contain predefined structures and constructions, although they will not only be used to decorate, each structure will generate characters that will work in said structure.

Let’s give some examples to illustrate how it works. If we create the mining structure, a miner will be generated, whose job will be to extract and collect mineral resources, while if we create a farm, the farmer who will raise animals will be generated. So will farmers, woodcutters, fishermen, builders, bankers, blacksmiths, masons, janitors and deliverers.

To start creating all these structures, we will have to start by building the town hall, which will generate a builder. It is the most important worker, since it is in charge of the construction and the improvement of the various buildings of our city.