mesbiomes It is a mod that allows us to modify various parameters, both for the generation of biomes in a world, and for an entire world. The mod allows us to modify each of the parameters of a specific biome, as well as create new biomes or establish a single type of biome for everyone, through a configuration menu.

This menu allows us to select the types of flowers, plants, trees or blocks that we want to appear in our new biome or world, if we want them to appear at all. Another of its interesting options is to regulate or modify the number of biomes that are generated in the world, as well as regulating the number of “spawns” of mobs that appear in the world, or the number and density of mineral resources that appear in the earth, as well as removing some or adding other mineral resources.

To access the creation menu that this mod offers us, we must go to create a new world and in “Type of world” we will choose the option “myBiome Options” and follow the instructions.