magic card It offers us the possibility of creating a magic book, with the ability to show us exactly where any structure of the game we want is. Although a similar function (command /locate) has already been added in the 1.11 update of Minecraft, this mod allows us a similar function, without transcending the survival mode, that is, without doing tricks.

Operation is as follows. The first thing is to create the new book, then we put it on an anvil and give it a name. This name will be the one that will define the type of structure that the book will have to look for and show us. For now, we can locate a City, Mansion, Monument, Temple, Nether Fortress, Mineshaft, or End City.

To know which name to put, if we place the mouse pointer over the book, inside the anvil various information will be displayed, where we can also see the names or structures that the book can detect. So we will write the name of one of the structures that appear, and we will remove the book from the anvil.

Once we have the book, with the name of the structure that we want to locate, we will only have to open it so that it indicates the direction that we must follow and at what distance from us this structure is .