Lucky Cubes is responsible for adding a new block to the terrain generation in Minecraft. We will find this new block mainly in the basement of Minecraft. Its name is Chance Cube and it is not a mineral resource, although it also gives us something when broken, which can be both positive and negative for us.

Each Chance Cube has a positive or negative value, which will be directly related to the fortune or bad luck that breaking this block will give us. A positive Chance Cube will give us something positive, like resources or various items, while a negative Chance Cube will give us something negative, which can be a TNT trap. To scan the value of a Chance Cube, we will need to create an object called “Chance Cube Scanner”.

Also, if we find a Chance Cube, we can increase its positive value by using amulets. By increasing the positive value of a Chance Cube, the better the reward we get for breaking this curious block.