lucky case is a mod that adds the legendary CS:GO boxes to Minecraft. These boxes cannot be crafted, although we can get them just by playing Minecraft. The boxes need a key to be able to be opened, these keys if we can make them ourselves, in order to be able to open the boxes and get the prizes inside.

There are several types of boxes, so the contents of a box or the objects we can get depend on the box itself. For example, in an armor box we can get armor pieces made of any material in the game, but not other objects. Each box contains specific items. Also, and this is what differentiates this mod from other similar ones, if we have mods installed that add new objects, we can also get them in their respective boxes.

As in CS:GO, the objects that we get in the boxes have special attributes, in this case they can be: Intact, Minimal wear, Used, Well worn and Scarred.