Loot Bags It will reward us with two facets of the game, that of exploration and that of battle, since the mod will add bags with rewards in the chests that are generated in dungeons around the world, and also as a random drop when we let’s end the life of the game’s creatures. These reward bags will have random content, however, they will always be more valuable and interesting than the base drop of any of the base creatures in the game.

At the moment, the mod adds a total of 14 bags, of which 6 will be typical bags, with medium value loot, and 8 secret bags, with higher value loot. In addition to bags, the mod adds a block that will allow us to recycle the contents of bags that do not interest us, and thus opt for new objects that we really need.

Opening one of the obtained reward bags will be as simple as placing the bag in our character’s hand and clicking the right mouse button. In this way we will open the inventory of the bag and we will be able to collect its contents.