Keys to the Kingdom It offers us a huge amount of content based on the famous Kingdom Hearts saga. With this mod installed, we can create and use more than 120 Keyblades, of which about 100 are modeled in three dimensions. Unlike normal swords, Keyblades have special abilities and have no durability, that is, we can use them without fear of exhausting them.

To develop the Keyblades and many other items in the game, the mod adds new mineral resources, as well as new materials to the world generation. From these minerals we can extract pebbles, stones, crystals and gemstones. This will allow us to develop new pieces of armor and various items that those who have played Kingdom Hearts will surely remember.

In addition to all these minerals, materials and objects that we can develop ourselves, the mod adds a complete character leveling system. These upgrade systems will allow us to improve our skills in magic, defense and strength.