key is a mod that will allow us to create a total of thirty-two musical instruments, which we can use to play music in ABC format. With this mod we can make electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric keyboards, flutes, basses, trumpets, microphones, harps, drums, accordions, banjos, organs, harmonicas, pianos, clarinets, xylophones, oboes, saxophones and synthesizers, among others. These instruments are based on the Starbound game instruments.

The operation is simple, after making one of the instruments, if we place it in the hands of our character and press the right mouse button, a user interface will appear with a list of songs available by default. If we select a song from the list, this song will start playing with the instrument in question. If during playback of the piece, the instrument is changed, the piece will be played with the new instrument, following the piece, without restarting.

As we say, the mod adds predefined songs, but if we want we can add new songs, in ABC format. To add the new songs, we will have to place them in our Minecraft installation, in the /mods/clef/abc folder.