Just enough items is a mod that was born in the previous version 1.8.9 after the “problems” that mods like Too Many Items and Not Enough Items had to adapt to all the changes related to the modifications of the later subversions of Minecraft 1.8.

This mod, basically, allows us to do three things. First of all, we can consult the recipes of any Minecraft object, and various mods by simply pressing the “R” key on the block or object in question. Second, we can see the uses of this item by pressing the “U” key. Third, we have a configuration button that allows us to access a configuration menu on certain features of the JEI mod.

This mod also shows us a list with all the existing objects and blocks in the game, as well as all those added by compatible mods. In addition to this, we will have an internal search engine to be able to locate any existing object.

At the moment in this mod we don’t have functions to change the weather, or instant healing, or switch from survival to creation, among other functions, but at the moment the main function of the mod is to to be able to offer players a mod to consult the recipes and utilities of the content added by the mods for minecraft.