Just enough items It offers us a whole series of important features that make it one of the most installed mods by players. This is one of those basic mods that allow unique functionality. It is one of the first mods that gamers usually install as it adds a lot of extra features and conveniences.

First of all, when we open the inventory, a block will appear on the right side of the screen which contains all the objects in the game, including those added by other mods. This will allow us to see what the recipe for any item in the game is, and even items added by other mods. If we do not find any block or object that we are looking for, we can use the search engine that appears in the lower right area of ​​the screen.

To see how to make an anvil we will place the mouse over this object and press the “R” key, while if we want to see how a specific potion is made we will select it and press the “U” key.

The mod adds a customization menu of the different functions it has, some of them are disabled or enabled by default, so before using it it is recommended to click on the red button that appears to the right of the object browser, to access the configuration menu and customize its functions according to your tastes or needs.