iron tanks is a mod that will allow us to make tanks to store large quantities of liquids in a very small space, since in the largest tanks we can store 64 buckets of any liquid in an individual block of one of these reservoirs. According to its creator, the goal was to create a mod similar to IronChests, but for BuildCraft tanks.

By installing this mod we can craft up to six variants of liquid storage tanks. Depending on the materials and recipes, we can create one or another type of tank. Some of them, in addition to being able to store large amounts of liquids, will be resistant to explosions, and this never hurts in technical mods. The materials of these tanks are copper, iron, silver, gold, diamond and obsidian.

This mod does not add new minerals to the game, so to create the copper and silver reservoirs we will need mods that add these minerals. Although being honest, with the predefined minerals in the game, reservoirs of iron, gold, diamond and obsidian can already be created, with which we can perfectly cover our needs.