iron chests is a mod that allows us to create variations of the traditional Minecraft chest, using new materials, some existing by default in the game, others not. These variants of chests will offer us a much larger capacity than the basic wooden chest.

The different variants of chests that we can create are: the copper one, with 45 squares of capacity, the iron one, with 54 squares of capacity, the silver one with 72 squares, the gold one, with 81 squares and the diamond one, with 108 squares of capacity. ability. Copper and Silver are not found in-game by default, although they are intended to work with mods that add this type of mineral resource.

In addition to the five variants that we have described above, we will also be able to create a crystal chest and an obsidian chest. Both have the same capacity as the Diamond Chest, i.e. 108 capacity slots. The difference is that the Obsidian Chest is explosion resistant, while the Crystal Chest shows the contents inside.