Improve minecraft is a mod that aims to improve the player’s experience through the addition of new items, new recipes, new animals and new features. Another of his intentions is to change some inconsistent elements of the game.

The amount of content and changes that this mod offers are numerous. The areas where we will find the most changes are in animal breeding and breeding, agriculture, mobs and drops, enchantments, distillation and item repair, as well as new items and recipes .

In summary, we will find that the animals we did not domesticate are now wild and act differently. Crafting is added for items that couldn’t be crafted in-game. Chickens shed feathers from time to time, and pigs are raised on bread, melon, and apples. They can spawn charged Creepers. Horses and squids drop meat when killed. Stairs and slabs of hardened clay. Pots for colorful plants. New mineral called Adamantium, which is halfway between iron and diamond. New weapons and tools. And many other things.