ImmersiveCraft is a mod responsible for adding new functionality to some objects in the game, as well as a new system for interacting with objects that have their own inventory. These two examples and others that we haven’t named are intended to enhance everything related to a player’s immersion in Minecraft.

From now on, objects that had their own interface will no longer have it as such. In other words, we can interact with them without having to open an interface. For example, we can directly put and remove objects from an oven, as well as open a chest and place or remove objects from inside, as we can see in the image below.

But not only that, the mod also adds new objects to the game, whose mission is to give a touch of realism to the evolutionary development of our character, or rather the development of objects. For example, now in the world stones and sticks will appear. Which changes the way to develop certain objects in the game.