Imaginary It offers us a simple but effective system for adding images and gifs to Minecraft. The permitted extension for images will be .jpg and .png, while for gifs it will be .gif. This will allow us to use any image that we find on the Internet, as well as any image that we have on our computer, and even drawings or any other graphic element that we have created ourselves.

The operation is simple, since the mod only adds one object to the game, called “Picture”, which is placed on the wall as if it were a painting. Once the object is placed on a wall, we can select the image or gif that we want to display, although we must first place said gifs or images in the game. To add the images to the game we will have to save in the “.minecraft/config/imaginary/pictures” folder of our Minecraft installation.

In addition, the mod will allow us, just when placing any image or gif on a wall, to change the size and colors of any image or gif that we are going to use. You can take a look at the video to see how simple this mod works.