ice and fire is a mod that adds nothing more and nothing less than dragons to Minecraft. These dragons will appear naturally in the world as adults. There are two types of dragons that can spawn, fire dragons, which spawn in most parts of the world, and ice dragons, which spawn in the colder biomes of Minecraft.

As you can imagine, the dragons will be hostile towards our character. Its form of attack consists of throwing fire or ice through its mouth, until it causes the death of the player. Defeating one of these dragons won’t be an easy task, let alone taming them, although both can be done. If we tame a dragon, we can fly with it, use its attacks and even put armor on it.

Also, we can find dragon caves, where we will find the dragons and we can fight them. If we win, we can get valuable treasures, including dragon eggs that will spawn baby dragons that will grow over time. We can also find dragon skeletons in the deserts, which will be used to build weapons, armor and tools from dragon bones.