Hwyla It offers us the functionality of the mod, now outdated Waila. In fact, it is an evolution of that same mod, so with it we will be able to enjoy its functional characteristics, plus something new. In other words, the mod will show us information about any block or object that we point with the reticle on the screen. This will allow us to see which mod any object in the game belongs to, which is very useful when we have many mods installed and we do not know what each thing belongs to.

Among its novelties we find the possibility that in the same label that the information about an object or a block is displayed, the contents of the inventory of this block will be displayed, if it has any. Like, for example, Ender’s chest that we see in the image below. This allows us to see its contents without having to open the chest. And who says safe, says oven, object, machine, etc.