HarvestHandicraft is a mod that adds a massive amount of 1100+ foods and items to the game which will help us create many types of foods and drinks. If you love farming in Minecraft, you’re in luck because this mod adds over 60 new crops, 36 fruit trees, 17 new fish variants, and 12 new bushes, among other things.

Among the new foods and ingredients we will find bananas, avocados, various kinds of berries, apples, onions, cherries, asparagus, rice, which will allow us to create more than 300 new dishes, such as sandwiches, juices, beers, cakes, hamburgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, chili con carne, fried eggs, yogurt and soup, among many others.

Since this is a mod with a lot of new things, we recommend using JEI Mod or FEI Mod to be able to see all the recipes for each of these new items.