HarvestHandicraft adds nothing more and nothing less than 1,300 new items and foods to the game. These new foods can be grown directly in our gardens, although we are not just talking about crops, because the mod also adds fruit trees and shrubs, from which we can obtain fruits and other foods.

Going into a bit more detail, we can say that this mod adds a total of 60 new crops, 6 new shrubs, 36 fruit tree fruit types, and up to 19 new fish types. These new foods will allow us to create a large number of cooking recipes, but not only dishes, but also drinks.

With the new foods in this mod we will be able to prepare dishes such as fries, hot dogs, yogurt, chili con carne, cakes, fried chicken, hamburgers, soups, sandwiches, vegan recipes such as tofu and many other dishes. As for drinks, we can create a large number of juices, beers and much more.