HarvestHandicraft It offers us an incredible amount of new dishes and drinks that we can develop thanks to new cultures, kitchen utensils and kitchen furniture. The mod adds a huge amount of over 1,100 new foods and items, which will allow us to go further than what we meant by farming in Minecraft.

In total, we will be able to plant more than 60 new crops, 36 fruit trees, 12 new types of bushes and 17 new variants of fish. This will allow us to develop more than 300 different types of food, including beers, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, juices, fried chicken, cakes, yogurts, soups, eggs fried and chili con carne, although there is plenty more.

Due to the large number of items and recipes this mod adds, it is recommended to use JEI Mod or FEI Mod (or both) to be able to see how to craft all the items added by this mod.