hammers It offers us a wide range of hammers that we can create and use to mine at a much higher speed than any Minecraft pickaxe, basically because these hammers allow us to mine a 3x3x1 space with a single blow. This means that we will be able to extract nine blocks at a time, whereas with a pickaxe we will only be able to extract one block.

These hammers are slower than a pickaxe, although if we do the proportion of chopping nine blocks with a pickaxe, it’s still much more expensive to mine with these hammers, which by the way, are also a lot more expensive to craft than a normal pickaxe. Since for example for the diamond hammer we will need three diamond blocks.

There is a wide variety of hammers that we can create, beyond the typical hammers in wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond, we will have other options such as silver, copper, pewter, bronze , lead, steel and obsidian hammers, among others.