GeneCreator is a mod that allows us to create structures, buildings, houses or whatever we want, and add it to the generation of Minecraft worlds. All this without having to leave the game or use external programs. Also, if there are any chests inside these buildings, the chests and their contents will remain intact.

To start, we need to create a structure. Once we have finished it, we go to the lower corner of the construction and press “F10” to mark an end. Then we do the same with the opposite corner, but in the upper part of the structure. We now have the “copied” structure.

Now, if you press “F10” again, a graphical interface will open that will allow us to name the structure, assign which biome we want it to be generated in when creating a new world, d set the spawn rate. Take a look at the video if you have any doubts about how it works: