gargoyles is a mod that will allow us to create gargoyles in a very similar way to how to create iron golems, only that these gargoyles will be even more powerful than iron golems, and will have the same function as iron golems , i.e. attack any hostile entity approaching them.

We will be able to create bases for each type of gargoyle, which will be used to stand and remain immobile in a specific place. If enemies appear, they will fly to attack them and after defeating them, they will return to their respective pedestal.

The variants of gargoyles we can create are, from smallest to most powerful: Stone Gargoyle, Sandstone Gargoyle, Obsidian, Gold, Iron, Endstone, and Nethratic. Additionally, the mod adds a new structure, a cathedral, where one can find chests and various hidden treasures. Although said cathedral will be protected by a large number of gargoyles hostile to our character.